Live edge timber and bespoke,
hand-crafted furniture. Sourced and crafted in Northern Ireland

Crafting from nature

Welcome to The Board Room NI.

We are a family run business, home to locally and sustainably sourced live edge timber. Here at The Board Room NI we pride ourselves on producing unique, high quality slabs, boards and beams with the beauty of each product telling its own story.

All our timber is milled here in Northern Ireland and sold during the air-drying process.

Whether you are just starting your first woodworking project or are a professional woodworker, we strive to find you the perfect timber for every job.

Slab of live edge timber by The Board Room NI
From the ground up

Our process

  1. Each fallen tree is inspected and measured prior to the milling process. This allows us to yield the best quality and most highly figured wood.
  2. Each limb is crosscut to its predetermined length.
  3. Milling begins by hand using our specially modified 64 inch Alaskan mill. Further measurements are taken during this process to ensure each board is being processed to the highest possible standard.
  4. Boards are then photographed and placed in our purpose built air-drying chambers. Here they are stacked and stickered carefully to eliminate warping and cupping. All end grain is sealed to reduce checking. It is at this stage in the process that they are offered for sale.
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David Rodgers cuts fallen trees for timber